Michigan and Wisconsin Moving Away from Obama


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Romney’s campaign is putting serious pressure on Obama in the midwest. It’s still early and the campaign has yet to enter the late rounds but these numbers are showing movement away from Obama and toward Romney.

If Michigan swings to Romney/Ryan but Obama holds Wisconsin, he would still be at a serious disadvantage in trying to get to 270. He would have to win a state like Florida to pull it off.

If Romney/Ryan win both Wisconsin and Michigan, an obvious sign of a Republican year, and we are talking a near-landside defeat for Obama.


Public Policy Polling*

PPP’s first Wisconsin poll since Mitt Romney announced Paul Ryan as his running mate finds him taking a small lead over Barack Obama in the state, 48-47. That represents a 7 point shift from PPP’s last look at the state in early July, which found Obama ahead 50-44.

The biggest…

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How Biased Is My News Outlet?

In a study done by Tim Groseclose, he made a test to calculate one Political Quotient (PQ). He then gave the test to multiple political think tanks and other organizations. Then he created a program to see which organizations major news outlets cited and then used that to calculate the news outlets’ PQ. It is on a scale of 00.0 Hardcore Conservative to 100.0 which is hardcore Liberal.

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